Music- Jahan Dal Dal Par…… Your birth celebration had come in, our life Lord Mahavira, Jain Flag hoisted Prabhu Vira-Jain…. In our country Bhaarat had born, many Tirthankars there. We are seeing emblems of them, place to place every where-place… Your birth place Kundalpur, we will worship Lord Mahavira Jain flag hoisted Prabhu vira…(1) Your honourable Parents’ name was, King Siddharth and Trishla. Your greatness from childhood seen, by whole universe and Indra-by whole universe… All of human learnt by your Non-violence Lord Mahavira. Jain Flag hoisted Prabhu Vira…… (2) Your whole life is inspiration, for us and all Creatures. Your holy Doctrines are the best, for world peace and friendship-for world peace and…… “Chandnamati” also is praying, give me peace Mahavira. Jain Flag hoisted Prabhu Vira…..(3) (5)]]